Dead and GoneI have to say this book was quite a disappointment. With all the hype, and the spoilers that had been leaked, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. DEAD AND GONE was an excruciatingly slow read. I love Charlaine Harris’ work and have read the sookie collection over ten times, but for the second book in a row, I was displeased with her writing. I had to force myself to sit down and read it. I kept wanting to get up and do other things, which isn’t normal when I’m reading Charlaine Harris.

Nothing new comes from any of Sookie’s love interests everything relationship wise, we’ve seen in the previous books. Sookie’s Grandpa comes out of the wood works long enough to wreak havoc on her life, and then disappear again. There were many characters this time around that didn’t need to be included in the book. There was no real character development, it was a lot of telling not showing. Basically I felt like the entire book was filler pages.

When your sitting in a theater watching a really great play, the worst thing to happen would be the star performing their monologue while someone is in the background moving around. It’s distracting and you lose focus on what the star was saying. This is how DEAD AND GONE made me feel. I was watching a really great play, but couldn’t focus because there was so much going on in the background.

I’m beginning to feel like Charlaine Harris doesn’t know where to take the characters anymore. When I read DEAD UNTIL DARK, I was enraptured by the imagination it took to create that world. I know from experience, being a writer myself, more often than not, the characters tell the author the story and the author puts it to paper. Sookie must no longer be speaking to Charlaine. This being book nine, Im reminded of Laurell K. Hamilton. Her Anita Blake series began to fall short with a mess of sexual escapades and devastating battles around book eight as well. Is Mrs. Harris on her way to writing herself out of a series? I surely hope not. I look forward to book ten, and hopefully the resurrection of the author who inspired me to write in the first place.