Jemima JAlright, so this book is sort or long and drawn out. I liked the premise of the book, but was utterly confused with the writing. Apparently the writer couldn’t decide between third person, or first person narrative. I think there might have been a little second person thrown in there too. I couldn’t stand the way the author kept toddeling around the theory or fate, yet not once did anything in the story happen because of it. The “oh look they’re at the same place at the same time, but don’t know it” seemed too cliche by the time I was done reading. I thought that Geraldine and Lauren were better written then Jemima. I kept reading just to find out who if anyone Jemima wound up with, and was quite unnerved with the ending. It just felt unfinished to me. Like I said, the premise was good, but I think it should have been done by someone who actually knows how to write, with an editor who knows how to edit.