Personal DemonsDemon InsideDemon Possessed Most books I read, it doesn’t take me long to figure out where the plot is going. This was the same for the third installment of the Megan Chase series, but not in fact for the first two. I adore all of Stacia Kane’s characters and want a Roc, and Spud of my own. Stacia Kane’s ability to bring her characters to life is in the same league as Charlaine Harris and Kim Harrison. I love the way they communicate with one another and the emotional side of them all. Im not a big fan of too much description, and this series is perfect in that aspect. The only thing I would mention is that for some reason I kept picturing Greyson as Darth Maul…I should be over Star Wars characters by now, but it made the story awkward for me at times. Mine own fault of course because he looks nothing like Darth Maul. All in all I give this series (to date) 4 stars. Great, easy read.